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A Broader Perspective

Nothing is more important than the health, safety, and education of our children. As a special education teacher for the past twenty-four years and a working mother for the majority of my own children’s school years, I understand the challenges and needs of working families, single parents, and children with disabilities. I am running for re-election to keep that perspective on the Board.

Although the passage of Proposition 30 has stopped the erosion of school budgets, we must still walk a fine line to maintain solvency. In spite of those limitations, I believe that by working together, we can find practical solutions to many of the problems youth struggle with and create new opportunities for all of our students.

My Goals:

  • Review and update our discipline policy to reflect the innovative work of our school counselors.
  • Collaborate with administration, counselors, and teachers to research and implement school-wide programs that proactively support at-risk youth.
  • Expand community-based apprenticeship programs.
  • Ongoing improvement in the nutritional quality of school meals.
  • Increase participation in the local Farm to School program coordinated by the Community Alliance and our local with Family Farmers.
  • Support and encourage open communication among teachers, parents, administration, and the broader community.

I would greatly appreciate your vote on November 5th. Together we can help our young people gain the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their goals.

Thank you!
Dana Silvernale


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